Create and Edit Stories


Almakal offers an online, web-based text editor for creating and editing text within web browsers with sophisticated editing capabilities, providing an integrated working environment and minimizing the time and effort the user might waste hopping from one application to another.

The user can create a new story in multiple languages with all the basic elements, such as the lead, the body, different levels of headlines, the byline, brief, captions, subtitles, and much more.

The ability for the user interface to switch between English, French and Arabic make it possible for users from different cultures to work together and share content through one centralized platform.

Link stories together and stories to images

Stories are not just made of text, but images and graphics, too!

Traditionally, editors would create text independently using a standalone word processor. They would save the text file with all related images into a folder, and then share that folder with the art people. Image captions were prepared independently and matched to the images manually in the design or layout phase.

Almakal does away with all that, thanks to its capability of managing any file format – including text, video, audio, and graphics. It has the ability to include captions, descriptions and titles for any uploaded file. This lets the user upload digital assets as single files or in groups directly to the system, link them together with the related story and send them down the entire workflow cycle as one unit.

News services

Publishers and Journalists have different sources for their news stories, such as news agencies. Almakal’s News Services aggregate news stories in a single user interface. It has built-in support for common standards, such as NewsML, NITF, XML, text and images from different news agencies, like Reuters, AFP, DPA, or RSS feeds. Stories can be picked automatically from a news source and added to Almakal’s editorial system. Personalized filters can be set up to watch for particular topics.


  • Supports for news agencies and RSS feeds.
  • Real-time news browsing.
  • Automatic news classification.
  • Archive, quick search and advance search of news.
  • Received items are included automatically into the workflow, with all functionalities applied.
  • Filter by category, date range, source, language, used and unused… etc.
Digital assets uploads

Because Almakal is a media-independent system, it is capable of accepting text, video, audio, or graphics file in any format, allowing your organization to use the tools that best meet your needs.

Since it’s file format-neutral, Almakal also leaves the document editing to the tools that do it best, allowing your organization to continue using the word processors, design suites and image editing tools your staff is comfortable with, thus reducing the training and stress associated with the implementation of a new system.

Files can be uploaded directly to the system, tagged, key-worded, provided with description, linked with other related assets, classified into international standards and searched - all of which is available in one, single place.

Unified and automated workflow

Your staff will enjoy the benefit of having the freedom to spend more time on the creative process and less time on managing and enforcing a workflow.

Tied together with its supporting modules, Almakal can perform tasks for the entire spectrum of your publishing needs, including editorial management, editorial production, proofing management, archiving, image management, Internet and mobile publishing.

This powerful solution was developed as an integrated editorial sharing and cross-media asset for news content management, with a completely automated workflow from multi-channel content aggregation and creation to final provision of the news elements for different media, such as print, web and mobile, targeting small newspapers, magazines, PR agencies and the media units of large corporates.

Collaborative environment

With its editorial sharing feature, Almakal fulfils the need for an integrated, multi-purpose editorial management and production workflow system.

Fully customizable to meet an organization’s specific requirements, the simple, powerful and intuitive web interface offers the ability to not only receive and store news items or any other documents, but also to manage, edit and deliver content to multiple channels throughout your workflow.

Almakal’s multi-purpose editorial management and production workflow system provides a centralized platform and allows your organization to put an entire suite of production solutions under one umbrella.

The multiple-channel content-acquisition, write-once, publish-everywhere environment that Almakal offers lends your articles, images, and graphics the openness and flexibility to customize a workflow that automates the movement of information through the planning, creative, production and post-production processes specific to your newspaper's needs.

Instant messaging

Almakal offers chat and Instant messaging services, with real-time text transmission over the system. Users can communicate with each other through the same platform without the need to leave their working environment and jump from one application to another.

Remote access

Almakal is a cloud- based system that runs on the most common web browsers and supported on Windows, Mac and many other platforms. With Internet connectivity, users can have continuous real-time access the same working environment with all content and documents when they are at work, home or traveling, with no need to have specific hardware or software installed on their machines.

Share content

Share news content easily across your editorial and production groups or staff members, with a comprehensive security structure that protects your documents. Manage user rights on an individual and group level to control access to documents and data.

Distribute content

With electronic outlets such as the Internet and wireless devices joining print products to become integral parts of a news organization’s operations, it is necessary to have tools with which users can quickly and efficiently write and edit the content once and still be able to publish it to multiple outlets without having to re-edit or convert.

Integration with Adobe InDesign

Real-time integration with Adobe InDesign for automatic page layout processing.

Keep track of the design progress

Almakal allows live tracking of page production for newspapers and magazines. This lets non-designer staff track the progress of the design process, make comments and update content without the need to interrupt design process or designers while they lay out the pages.

Publish to web and mobile devices

Publishing to web and mobile is made very easy with Almakal. With single click you can redirect your live or edited news stories including multimedia elements to your own web or mobile applications.


  • Integrate your own web or mobile applications with the Almakal using standard API exposing all the core functionalities
  • Adobe InDesign direct integration
  • Generate revenue from content re-use
Integration with Twitter

With single click from inside Almakal you can share, publish and retrieve your content from Twitter.

Archive and search assets

Long-term asset thesaurus based archiving system

Almakal archiving facilities enables news media organizations to make all current and archived text, photos, graphics, PDFs and other news elements easily available to their entire organizations, external sites and bureaus, the public and vendors. Almakal enable publishers to more effectively leverage their archives to generate more revenue.


  • Thesaurus based archiving system
  • Effective search and retrieval and easy content integration
  • Support for all data types
  • Adobe InDesign direct integration
  • Classify contents by (category, territory, author, edition, etc…)
  • Use your archives to generate revenue
Cloud based solution

Anyone from anywhere with great ease and convenience.

Implementing Almakal cloud based solutions increases the volume of output or productivity with fewer people, so no need for support staff and complicated hardware environment. Your cost per unit, per project or per product plummets and you maintain easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending, your payment based on your demand.

Expansion capabilities

Almakal is a complete online services designed with a focus on ease of use, expansions flexibility and functionality. Tied together with its supporting modules, It can service tasks for the entire spectrum of publishing needs including editorial management, editorial production, proof management, archiving, image management, Internet and mobile publishing.

Video transcoding

Accelerate processing times, automate workflow steps, and convert to additional video file formats with the optional Video Transcoding feature.
Video Transcoding turbo-charges your workflow by extending the capabilities and functions of Almakal and transcodes videos to formats for Apple iPhone, iPad, web (FLV), and other devices and formats.