is available in Classic, Plus, Professional & Ultimate Box packages, to fulfil the media and publishing houses' needs, no matter the size.

Features Classic Plus Professional Ultimate Box
Number of users 2 5 8 20
Number of publications 1 1 1 1
Adobe InDesign integration 1 station 1 station 2 stations 10 stations
Create & edit stories
Link stories & images
Digital assets uploads
Unified workflow
Collaborative environment
Instant messaging
Remote access
Share content1
Distribute contents1
Video transcoding1 NA NA NA
Custom output feeds (API) NA NA NA
Track of design progress NA NA 1 User
News services NA NA 1 4
Syndication feeds (RSS) 1 1 2 10
Automated jobs NA NA 3
Integration with Twitter
Archive & search assets2 NA NA
Reporting & advanced features NA NA
Storage3 5 GB 10 GB 15 GB 500 GB
Price $250/Month $400/Month $900/Month Contact us
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  1. The size of the supported files depends on your Internet connectivity speed and the online allocated storage space.
  2. Archiving and search assets allows the user to use the online feature to build a customized thesaurusbased archiving system, effective search and retrieval, support for all data types and classification of content by category, territory, author, edition, provides easy and direct content integration with Adobe® InDesign, which allows archiving for Adobe® InDesign files with all of its related assets.
  3. Extra storage package is available with 50 GB bundles.